That is.. E To The P.   

     For those "in the loop", you know this past year has been riddled with struggle, transformation, and overall tomfoolery. For those of you not in the loop, now you know. Every single one of us here at the E2Camp have been conquoring all that fun stuff life throws at us. While its slowed down our progress somewhat, things like this need to occur. Needless to say, it all has only EXPONENTIALLY increased the amount of flavor injected into our creations. Which is awesome. As I am sure you will soon find out. On to the news:

     - The long anticipated "Horrorcore Mixtape V. 3" is done. By the time your reading this, it will probably be available in our downloads section. Were going to have a multi-platform give away contest this year! So make sure you enter to win some free swagg. 

     - Sewerside has joined the E2Family!

     - Epitaph is slaving away, like a boss.

     - Beastman has been going hard on the live instruments. 

     - Web Three ROCKS. Check out their music video below. 

In order to get the latest and greatest E2DaP freshness, check out/subscribe to our youtube account. Things get posted there first and frequently! Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/e2dapproductions Twitter: @e2dap and facebook at the little icon above. The webpage is getting a constant stream of updates so check back often as the sections are expanded upon. Thanks for visitng!


Pozz The Nation

      Epitaph "The Mack" has been back in the lab getting all the ducks lined up for this monster release. In our  last update I said that he didn't apologize for making you all wait... and for the record, he does apolgize. As time passed his skills improved and he got stuck in a vicious cycle thats common amongst artists. Taking off older tracks and recording newer, better, replacements. The time to break said cycle has come and gone! The album will be ROCKING YOUR DOME fourth quarter 2012. So hold tight my friends, the hotsauce is on the way. Until then feel free to rock out to the newer tracks posted on our youtube account. One love friends.


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     More news will follow, you can bet on that. Until then, Epitaph will see you on youtube!



      E2 family "Web Three" is BACK IN ACTION. After a somewhat rocky road post Troy Longhurst's murder (RIP TELLE CROOKS), the train is back on the tracks. Check out their music video for, "Creatures That Never Sleep", a personal favorite of ours. 

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Email Us

Thanks again for checking out the webpage! This is the official homebase for all things E2DaP, so make sure to check back for all official news. Lots of updates, new tracks, pictures, and other fun things coming. TONS of give-a-ways and contests in order to keep our fans hooked up on the free or super cheap tip. So keep in touch! We're not that hard to find ;) If you have any questions, comments, or requests feel free to email us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Belly Of The Beast

      Beastman is E2DaP's secret weapon.  The Beast is something we'll let speak for itself.  Live guitar. Raw hip hop. His inventive creativeness is the progression of our genre. 



     The time has come to unite Florida's elite. With that said, long time associate and friend "Sewerside" has officially joined the E2DaP roster.  Comming at you with an old school hip hop style, fuelest by realism and spitfire flows, he rounds out our family quite nicely! Some of his older works are available on his homepage http://commitsewerside.com/ right now and will be featured in our download vault soon. Look out for him on features for upcoming E2 projects and some super fresh site content. 

Here is a video of him recording a few verses in our studio. 

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